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The greatest 50th reunion ever is over and those who missed it missed a monumental event. It was unusual in so many ways.  Attendance was bigger than ever but more important was having classmates with us who haven’t attended reunions in many years. New old faces.

The Memory book was a huge hit. A little like a yearbook plus fifty years, it helped us catch up with “what have you been doing for 50 years?” Cathy Paulson Gray was the editor in chief and was supported by a committee including LaVerle Jessen Jessup, Susan Jones Raye, Barb Robertson Schwyzer,  Sarah Brown Renstrom, Judy Anderson Tolbert, Mary Jo Myers Deering and Maurine Abrams Shink. I have half a dozen books left over which I will gladly part with for $37. 

Remastered CD’s of the Choir records from 1959, 60 and 61 are also available for $9.00 each. Let me know if you want one or more. Email me at jbarryip@aol.com to place an order. 

Carolyn Nelson Frick and her committee, Dale Rainey, Sharon DuRoche Heifort and Sonni Moore Kaip did a great job of decorating and providing table decorations. 

Pixie Preiner Breslin arranged for two cakes, which made dessert a highlight.

Allan and Judy Elias worked with the hotel on menus and service. It was in no way their fault that the hotel made some critical errors which resulted in a meat shortage during the Saturday night buffet. Anyone with a grievance related to the lack of food should contact me at jbarryip@aol.com. 

Gene Dixson headed the nametag committee which included Janet Letson Forbes, Kathy Horsager Johnson and his wife, Peg. The imprinted lanyards and badge holders were well received.

None of it would have gone as well without the efforts of Paul Gansky and Bert (you can run but you can’t hide) Brooks. Paul’s directories, which were constantly updated, allowed people who haven’t seen each other for years to get back in touch. He is a genius. Between them they found all but two of our classmates. Only Jane Everett and Richard Butler have eluded them…so far. Bert is still on their cases. Everyone should have left us the name and phone number of someone who will always know where to find them. 

I get most of the credit for these reunions. Some of it I deserve. Reunions are not one-man efforts but are the combined forces of many hard working classmates. Thanks go to all of them.

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